Michbruc (pronouced "Mitch Brook") had its beginnings in October 2015. Owner, Michael Bruce, needed marketing and promotional material in time for his first speaking engagement. In an effort to be self sufficient, he downloaded Adobe Photoshop and taught himself. He successfully designed his logo, business card, and promotional flyer.

Afterwards, many professionals inquired about who designed his promotional content. From there Michael began designing for other companies. Eventually branching out to photography and videography. 

  When brainstorming a brand name Michael thought of (Mich)ael (Bruc)e. This developed into Michbruc Multimedia Production Company which specializes in professional photography, cinematic videography, premium graphic designs, and digital photo booths. Michbruc prides itself on Timeliness, Quality, and Overall Satisfaction. 

"Michbruc's mission is to utilize creativity while giving all honor and glory to God. We desire to impact the world by providing a professional and reliable multimedia company that offers affordable solutions with eye-catching results. We create visuals that bring our clients' imagination to life. We also offer the convenience of being a one-stop-shop for all graphic design, photography, and videography needs while selling customer satisfaction by way of premium content created uniquely for each client." - Michael Bruce

 Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope to meet and serve you soon. God bless!
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